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2020 SOAR Virtual Poster Session

Welcome to the 2020 SOAR Virtual Poster Session. Browse the presentations below to learn more about the research conducted by SOAR 2019 participants. Below each presentation video, you will find a comment section where you can ask questions and interact with the authors. Presenters will be available to answer your questions between April 20-24th, 2020.  After April 24th, all virtual posters will remain publicly available as an archive.

Once you have finished viewing posters, don't forget to vote for "Best Poster" using our session feedback form


Natalie Arthur, Neha Malhotra, Jaime Brown MD, James Roberts MD, and Christine Turley MD.

Nick Castellano, Dr. Richard Steet

Charlotte Colt, BS, David Lindsie Cone, MD, Benjamin Jackson III, MD

Kaeli Day, BS, Sangita Dash, MD, Kamla Sanasi MD

Lexus Dickson, BS; Morgan Smith, DO; Steven Warrington, MD; Stephen Thacker, MD; Katherine Jamison, PharmD; Leslie Hart, PhD; Nayda Parisio Poldiak, MSc, PhD; Danielle Kocsis, MS; Jean Wiggins, BSPH; Amanda Janke; Scott Gutovitz, MD

Kathryn Epperson, Charmaine Jenkins, Johnie Hodge, Kathleen Cao, Michael Kozik, Hamilton Peters, James Selph, Souvik Sen, Renu Pokharna

Jennifer Grimm, Jeffrey Holloway, MD, Jacob Kay, PHDc, MS, Colt Coffman

Emily Gullette, Austin McCrea, Christoph Kaufmann, Brant Clatterbuck, Antonio Pepe

Cheyenne Hammond, Dr. Matthew Lenhard, Dr. James Cook, Dr. Kamla Sanasi

Nicholas Harris, Jessica Justice, R.D, LDN, CNSC, Christopher Watson, MD, FACS, Phillip Prest, DO, FACOS, FACS

Charlotte Hawkins, BS; John Gehris, BS; Lisa Freeburg, BA; Amber Moore, BS; Sydney Womack; Francis G. Spinale, MD PhD

Andrew Hess, Ambrish Kumar, Marwa Belhaj, Donald J. DiPette, Jay Potts

Joel Land MR, Guillaume D. Dumont MD, Nicole C. Battle MS ATC OTC, Travis J. Menge MD, Zachary T. Thier MS

Keswick Lo, Omer Tarar, and  Subhashini Yaturu

Katherine J. Montoya, B.S., Catherine Gutshall, D.N.A.P., C.R.N.A., Frank Spinale, Ph.D., M.D.

Addison Neighbors, Tonya Moss, Lynda Holloway, Seok-Ho Yu, Fran Annese,  Steve Skinner, Russell Saneto, Richard Steet

Tushar Patel, Matthew Lancaster, Morgan Adams, PharmD, Mark E. Humphrey, MD, MPH, Brian D. Keisler, MD

Lindsay Player Henry, Scott M. Strayer, MD, MPH, Tyler Dorman, MPH, Christy Kollath-Cattano, PhD, Ramzi Salloum, PhD, Martin Durkin, MD, MPH, MAS, Drew Albano, MD, Meenu Jindal, MD,  James F. Thrasher, PhD

Avram Rago, Phillip Buckhaults, PhD, Carolyn Banister, PhD

Christina N. Romano, Shyam Desai, Christopher Carsten III, Susan Lessner

Alexandra S. Ross, Michelle Androulakis MD, MS, FAHS

John M Sadler Jr, Keith Barron, MD.

Milaan Shah, Kurt Barringhaus 

Jason Siebert BS, Jeff Hall MD, Matthew Haldeman MD

David Connor Wise, MD Candidate, Yuliya Rekhtman, MD, FAAP, Elizabeth Burbage, PA-C

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