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Implementation of a Quality Improvement (QI) Activity Into the M3 Family Medicine Clerkship

Tushar Patel, Matthew Lancaster, Morgan Adams, PharmD, Mark E. Humphrey, MD, MPH, Brian D. Keisler, MD

Population health is becoming a larger and larger part of healthcare.  Finding new ways to accomplish the task of taking care of groups of patients with a specific disease is key to being successful in this new arena.  The purpose of this study was to determine if performing quality improvement projects in early medical training could improve UofSC medical student understanding of quality improvement and improve diabetes control for patients at the Prisma Health Family Medicine Center.

Methods: Over the course of the 2018-2019 academic year, 100 MD and PA students on their Family Medicine rotation were involved in a series of quality improvement projects to decrease the levels of uncontrolled diabetes in patients and then surveyed on their experience.  

Results:  Students showed a statistically significant increase in their quality improvement knowledge as well as significantly improved attitudes towards quality improvement projects.  Levels of uncontrolled diabetes were also lowered.  

Conclusion:  This indicates that performing quality improvement projects early in medical training can improve student attitudes towards quality improvement while also improving patient outcomes.

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