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Welcome to the SC Rural Healthcare Resource Dashboard

This tool was created by the SC Center for Rural and Primary Healthcare to enable communities, researchers, and policy makers easy access to actionable data

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County and Zip

County and Zip Code Summary

The County and Zip Code Summary table allows users to view, save, and export publicly available data from several state offices all in one place. The table is set up to allow direct comparisons for zip code, city, county, and state level data.  

You can review all available data in the County and Zip Summary tab. Please review the “How to Navigate Summary Table” tab for instructions or further information.



Data of special interest to our Center and our partners has also been pulled into interactive maps. To learn how to navigate maps and make the most of the available data, please review the “How to Navigate Maps” tab. Documentation and source information for each map is coded in the tab name (with an italicized letter) and can be found in the “Documentation” tab under “more Maps”.   

Note: Many of our maps visualize data using Zip Code Tabulated Area (aka ZCTA). ZCTAs were created by the US Census bureau and identify the most common zip code for a census block. In most case the ZCTA will be the same as the Zip code for an area. 

   Additional maps listed below can be found by clicking the "More Maps" button: 

Screenshot 2021-06-10 090829.jpg

Specialized Dashboards

Specialized Dashboard

The SC Center for Rural and Primary Healthcare also partners with organizations to develop specialized dashboards for programmatic use.  

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